Highways & Byways was a Kickstarter project that we attempted in 2018. It didn’t take off, but we like the game and want to preserve the memories!

Highways & Byways is a casual family game for 2-4 players. Race across the United States in your first used car.  You’re on a mission to explore all places beautiful and forgotten before your vacation is over!

It takes only 10 minutes to learn, yet there are multiple paths to victory. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – it’s also very replayable!

You can read the full rules here, but let’s cover the basics on the campaign page.

The main mechanics are Point-to-Point MovementHand ManagementVariable Player Powers, and a family-friendly version of Card Drafting.

The objective of Highways & Byways is to be the first player to drive all their Byways and circle back to their Home Space.

To set up the game, each player chooses a Vehicle. Each one has a special ability. For example, some move a little faster and some are immune to negative Events.

Each player chooses a Start Space and draws five Event Cards.

To start the game, players take turns choosing Byway Cards. To do this, the first player draws two Byways, keeps one and passes the other. The next player draws a new card, chooses one from the two, and so on.

Each time you take a Byway Card, place a Travel Marker to visually plan your route.

Each player chooses cards until they have 2 Red and 10 Blue Byways. Then each player removes either 1 Red Byway or 2 Blue Byways that they don’t want to travel. What’s left is the route you will travel throughout the game.

After everybody plans their routes, flip over a Construction Card at the start of every round. Players can’t drive on spaces with that card’s letter on them!

Next, the opponent clockwise of you picks an Event Card from your hand – whatever is on it happens to you.

Once you resolve that, move up to six spaces. You may then discard one Event Card for every space you choose not to move. Then draw a new Event Card and the next player’s turn begins!

Be careful not to hold onto too many good cards! Every five turns, you will pass your Event Cards clockwise.

Wood flooring not included.
Wood flooring not included.
Demo on Tabletop Simulator
Demo on Tabletop Simulator

You sure can! All you need is Tabletop Simulator, a $20 Steam game where you can play all sorts of board and card games online. Here is the Highways & Byways game on Tabletop Simulator.

To get a feel for what playing the demo is like, I’ve included a recorded live stream of the game I did with Happy Fun Time LIVE.